Types Of Aid


The 下一次NC奖学金 is a NEW financial aid program that helps most North Carolinians from households making $80,000 or less pursue higher education by fully covering tuition and fees at 澳门金沙棋牌游戏. The best part? 这是不需要偿还的钱.

作为澳门金沙棋牌游戏的学生,你将获得至少3000美元. The scholarship award can be used for things beyond tuition, including things like fees and books. Students with the greatest need for financial aid could qualify for additional funding to help make paying for college more manageable.



  • 有资格获得州内学费的北卡罗来纳州居民
  • 高中毕业(高中同等学历)
  • 家庭年度调整后总收入(AGI)不超过8万美元
  • Enrolled in an eligible undergraduate curriculum program for the 2024-2025 academic year
  • Taking at least 6 credit hours per semester (part-time students will receive a partial award)
  • 符合澳门金沙棋牌游戏的学业进步标准
  • 已完成2024-2025年FAFSA的学生, 学生资助指数(SAI)等于或低于7,500(完成后), 财政援助办公室将确定和确认资格.)


应用很简单. Just submit the 2024-2025年FAFSA表格. 如果你符合条件,你将获得下一个NC奖学金. 没有额外的表格需要填写.


联邦佩尔助学金通常不需要偿还. 联邦佩尔助学金s are considered the foundation of federal student financial aid. The amount of a 联邦佩尔助学金 awarded is based on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), 出勤费用, enrollment status, and whether the student attends school full-time or part-time and for a full academic year or less. A student may not receive 联邦佩尔助学金 funds at more than one school at a time. A student may not receive 联邦佩尔助学金 funds at more than one school at a time.  A student may receive the 联邦佩尔助学金 for up to 12 semesters or the equivalent of 6 years and not to exceed 600% for Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU).


FSEOG面向有特殊经济需求的本科生. 最低预期家庭贡献(EFC)的学生优先考虑. 符合条件的学生可以获得有限的帮助. 这项奖助金是捐赠援助,通常不需要偿还.

这个项目的资金有限. 强烈建议尽早提交申请,看看你是否符合资格.


A North Carolina resident enrolled in an eligible program at least half-time may qualify for this grant. This award may range from $100 to $2300 and may be awarded to students in addition to the 联邦佩尔助学金. 学生必须完成FAFSA才能获得该奖项.


A North Carolina resident enrolled in an eligible program may be eligible for this award. This award may range from $152 to $2852 and may be awarded to eligible students in addition to the 联邦佩尔助学金. 学生必须完成FAFSA才能获得奖学金.


联邦半工半读的 Program – WCC offers employment opportunities to eligible students who wish to earn money while attending college. 学生在校园的各个领域工作. On average, students work approximately 10-12 hours per week at a minimum rate of $8.25 per hour. 大多数学生每年挣大约3000美元.

如果对联邦勤工俭学计划感兴趣, 学生应该在完成 FAFSA,并提交另一份 WCC联邦工作学习申请.

Please note that students who participate in this program are required to 保持令人满意的学业进步 at all times.

Childcare Grant

Child Care Assistance Program – Child Care Grants are available for students enrolled in at least six credit hours of traditional or hybrid classes in an approved program at 澳门金沙棋牌游戏. 赠款是有限的,并以“最大需求”为基础. 为了获得这些奖学金,学生必须完成 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA), be a NC resident, 保持令人满意的学业进步, complete a WCC Child Care Grant application and have at least one child enrolled in a licensed center. 优先考虑返回, single, 没有从其他来源获得资助的低收入父母.

These grants are intended to help off-set the costs of child care in a licensed center while students are attending school. 有关此计划的更多信息,请联系 幼儿援助协调员.


The Financial Aid office is often requested to assist in awarding various private and non-profit scholarships each year. In addition, the Foundation of 澳门金沙棋牌游戏 also offers many scholarships each year. Make sure you 看看我们提供的奖学金 奖学金可以通过 Foundation of WCC. 第三个选择是免费的大学奖学金搜索 Scholarships.com.

Veterans Affairs

Veterans’ assistance programs are coordinated by the Veterans’ Coordinator located in the Financial Aid Office at 澳门金沙棋牌游戏. Veterans benefits will be considered as a resource in calculating your eligibility for financial aid.有关退伍军人福利或有关资格的问题,请联系 VA Coordinator. Also see the 退伍军人事务部网页 了解更多信息.

Alternative Loans

Alternative loans, 也被称为私人贷款, are consumer loans made through various lenders to individuals to help pay for college expenses. A student may be eligible for these loans based on credit and other factors determined by the lender. WCC encourages students to explore available options including completing the Free Application for 联邦学生援助(FAFSA) and applying for WCC scholarships 在考虑贷款之前. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships through the WCC Foundation Office. For more information about Foundation scholarships and application deadlines, please visit 基金奖学金 page.

贷款不是免费的. 它们必须连本带利偿还. 虽然有各种各样的贷款选择, WCC不认可一个贷方的服务超过另一个. It is recommended that students perform a thorough review of all lenders to make a suitable choice. Students using alternative loans for attendance at WCC have used the following lenders.



Sallie Mae智能期权贷款


学院停止参加威廉·D. 2013-2014学年的福特联邦直接贷款项目. 有关WCC官方队列违约率的信息, including the number of student borrowers and the national average cohort default rate is available on the U.S. 教育部网站.


这些所得税抵免可能会减少一个家庭的联邦税收. 他们是基于学生的合格教育费用减去助学金, scholarships, 以及其他免税教育援助. The American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) is a new credit that replaces the Hope Credit for most taxpayers. The AOTC can be claimed for the first four years of post-secondary education up to a maximum of $2,每名合资格学生500英镑. AOTC适用于经调整后的总收入为80美元的报税人,000或以下,或$160,已婚夫妇提交联合申报表的费用不超过5,000元. The Lifetime Learning Tax Credit is available for any level of post-secondary study up to a current maximum credit of $2,000 per return. The credit is not available to single filers with a modified adjusted gross income greater than $60,000或联合申报者,调整后的总收入超过120美元,000. Taxpayers who file “married filing separately” are not eligible to take the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning credit. For more information on this credit and other educational tax credits, visit the IRS website at www.irs.或联系税务专业人士.


This program provides limited need-based assistance to students enrolled in high demand/low enrollment programs or to eligible Vocational Rehabilitation students. 为这些资金考虑, students must complete the FAFSA and meet the requirements to receive a Pell Grant, be a NC resident, 参加一个被批准的项目.  For the NC Targeted Assistance Grant, a student must be enrolled at least 1/2 time for the semester.  为NC不到一半时间的补助金, 学生每学期必须至少修满1个学分.